False accusers: Dr Paula Boddington

[This is part of a series, “Responding to Nutters”, to which I direct loons who crawl from beneath rocks making false accusations.]

So far as I can tell, the sole origin of the fabricated stories about me came from this Daily Mail Online story. This fabricated story was then copied by many other outlets, including The Times, The Telegraph, The Independent and Cosmopolitan. I was not contacted by these newspapers for a reply to these flat-out fabrications and lies.

They appeared on 26/27 February 2014 when I and my wife and son also had been harassed out of our home in Oxford by a long smear and harassment campaign over many months culminating in anonymous cyber-harassment calling me a “murderer” (the cyber-harassment was reported to the police a few days before, on 22 February 2014; we were advised to leave home to protect our safety).

In addition, I was repeatedly silenced by my employer, ordered not to say anything and threatened if I did say anything.

Not one single piece of evidence, of any kind, exists to substantiate these bizarre allegations against me (whose exact origin I still don’t even know).

In that bizarre Daily Mail story, was accused falsely of these three things:

  1. Having somehow “abused” someone — who was in fact, as she put it, “hopelessly in love” with me for many years, and whose life I had saved in 2008, and who emailed me in June 2011, “you are still the person that saved my life and my degree”: which is true. I was incredibly kind to this woman, who then turned on me later and took revenge, because I rejected her romantic pursuit of me.
  2. Of “following” her to Oxford; this was a direct chronological reversal of the facts: she followed me to Oxford. The Daily Mail has subsequently corrected this completely fabricated lie, which seems to have been fabricated by Dr Paula Boddington: see here for the relevant documents. This lie has been repeated by Dr Boddington’s sister Joanne Boddington a few days ago, 1 Sept 2018, who stated: “CC applied to Oxford before JK applied for his job, easily demonstrable, we have proof” (see here). This is a lie. See below too.
  3. Of “harassing” someone who was in fact stalking and harassing me, and whom I asked to leave me alone, and about whom I made repeated welfare notifications which were ignored (and later covered up).

These accusations are all categorically false, categorically fabricated and categorically inconsistent with hundreds of pages of evidence & emails and inconsistent with the reports of tens of eyewitnesses: categorically fabricated lies, originating from a violent mentally disturbed stalker: Charlotte Coursier.

[The police themselves resolved this matter in just three days. When I insisted to Coursier that she stop stalking and harassing me at my seminars, Coursier on 19 May 2013 lied about me to the police. But she was a liar and stalker: when the police saw the evidence, she withdrew her lies herself. And the police—realising I was Coursier’s victim—asked me to contact them if she tried to contact me again (which she did on 3 June 2013).]

So how did these completely fabricated lies, already rejected by the police in May 2013, end up appearing in public nine months later, in February 2014?

It was simply a malicious campaign of harassment, a smear campaign from

  • an Oxford Establishment feminist & part-time academic, Dr Paula Boddington
  • her student, Brooke Berndtson, a disturbed American feminist, who was my stalker’s (Coursier) housemate.

Dr Paula Boddington is a militant feminist academic in Oxford (apparently, a “stipendiary lecturer” at Hertford College) and conspiracy theorist, whom I had never heard of at the time, who knew none of the relevant facts, and who, behind my back, set up and ran a slander, libel and smear and harassment campaign against me from June 2013 until April 2014. Boddington decided to use her Establishment power and status to involve herself in events she knew exactly nothing about partly because of her own delusional conspiracy theories and partly because she was the supervisor of a Philosophy graduate student, Brooke Berndtson.

Dr Boddington has long promoted the conspiracy theory surrounding Melanie Shaw, a clearly mentally ill individual who maintains that prominent politicians “murdered” various people in children’s homes, a conspiracy theory promoted by David Icke no less.

Boddington’s original blog and blogposts have been deleted. Fortunately, her blog is preserved here at the Wayback Machine (see here and here for examples of Boddington’s conspiracy theories about Melanie Shaw).

Boddington’s student, Brooke Berndtson is the American militant feminist who was Coursier’s housemate. She bullied my stalker into making completely fabricated complaints about me. By all accounts, Berndtson is literally unhinged: she went around Oxford (and social media) for months, slandering me with disgusting fabricated lies, to direct attention away from her own direct involvement with Coursier’s death. According to other graduate students. Berndtson had “taken control” of Coursier’s life in her last few weeks alive, and had cajoled and manipulated Coursier into making a series of malicious, false accusations. Coursier herself obviously knew were false and in fact withdrew them.

As for Dr Boddington, she is an Establishment feminist who used her institutional power and status to vigilante witch hunt and ruin a working-class family’s lives:

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 03.44.10

  • Boddington contacted the Oxfordshire Coroner’s Office in late 2013, making wild libelous accusations against me.
  • As a result of her pressure, these lies were eventually read out by an assistant coroner at an inquest I wasn’t even consulted about; about which I had been told I wouldn’t be mentioned; and obviously where I was given no right of reply.
  • Boddington seems to have been involved in transmitting this fabricated story to The Daily Mail in February 2014.
  • Boddington then publicly revealed herself on various academic blogs, making libelous accusations against me.
  • Boddington was publicly corrected on the most obviously fabricated accusation she had made (the accusation requiring me to travel backwards in time); but she refused to back down, despite these being proven false libelous accusations that were chronologically impossible.

Some of the comments disputing Boddington’s outrageous version of events on Twitter are here:

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 04.31.52

These are just a few indications of Boddington’s dishonesty over that period of five or six months, having achieved her goal of getting these lies read out in court (where I was not even consulted, have no right of reply and no right of redress) by applying pressure to the University, the police and the coroner’s office.

The story in The Daily Mail is not an “accurate account” of anything, either of the relevant facts (the claims are pure fantasies and lies) or even of what Berndtson and Fardell said, which have never been shown to me. Contrary to Boddington’s lunacy, The Daily Mail has subsequently apologized to me by email about these unhinged allegations and has removed the completely fabricated one saying I “followed her” to Oxford. So, the  outrageous fabricated claim referred to above (“he followed her to Oxford”) has, in fact, now been removed from The Daily Mail‘s online story, despite Boddington’s bizarre claim that it “cld b read 2 ways”. No it can’t be “read in 2 ways”.

This was a deliberate fabrication, plain and simple, and Boddington knew it was a fabrication. But Boddington continued lying about it for months. And months. And months. Boddington went on for months with her lies, until she deleted her crazy blog in 2015.

A friend of mine who, unlike Boddington, knew the facts, the philosopher Professor Catarina Dutilh Novaes corrected Boddington’s false accusation on Twitter as follows, pointing out that I applied to Oxford before Coursier did (I had applied the previous year, in 2011 and Coursier knew this; Coursier applied the year after, in 2012, and deliberately followed me there):

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 17.25.54

Instead of backing down when corrected on the facts, from a witness who knew the facts, Boddington instead continued with her bizarre and unhinged delusions against me:

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 17.29.24

Her desire to publicly slander and libel me was so delusional, Boddington appeared incapable of understanding English.

In addition to Boddington’s public libel and delusions, the account in The Daily Mail made it look like the assistant coroner had made some kind of “finding”. He most certainly did not. After all, he did not consult me; he consulted no evidence; and he consulted not a single eyewitness of Coursier’s abusive and violent behaviour towards me. What were “read out” were false accusations, made by Brooke Berndtson and Benjamin Fardell, and based on no evidence whatsoever.

Eventually, with help from others (including the Senior Coroner for Oxfordshire, Mr Darren Salter), I proved these accusations to be false. What actually had happened is described here and here: I was sexually assaulted, stalked and then publicly lynched with lies by ruthless feminist vigilante zealots.

As an indication of the behaviour of these ruthless thugs, here is a screenshot of the Facebook profile from one of the leading vigilantes in the Oxford lynch mob (it’s from 14 February 2014; two weeks before the mob got their lies published), one “Ras Putin”, now a Research Fellow in Cambridge:

Rachel Fraser - ras putin - Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 17.15.30

I was reinstated in August 2014. But Boddington’s lynch mob campaign of false accusations ruined our lives. Her conduct was despicable.

When I was reinstated in August 2014, Boddington deleted her web presence.

Just yesterday (26 Feb 2018: the fourth anniversary of Boddington getting these fabricated lies read out in public, published in national newspapers and blogs), an acquaintance interested in Boddington’s vigilante campaign against us asked Boddington by email a number of questions relating to her behaviour in 2013 and 2014, as described above. These factual questions are:

  1. Could you confirm that you were Brooke Berndtson’s academic supervisor in Oxford?
  2. Could you confirm that you have never met either Charlotte Coursier or Dr Ketland?
  3. Could you confirm that you did not contact Dr Ketland during the months June 2013 through to April 2014 to inform him what you were doing?
  4. Could you confirm that you contacted Oxford University making allegations against Dr Ketland in Autumn 2013?
  5. Could you confirm that you contacted The Thames Valley Police in September 2013, after Dr Ketland reported his being cyber-harassed to Prof Arntzenius?
  6. Could you confirm that you contacted the Oxfordshire Coroner’s office in Autumn 2013 making allegations against Dr Ketland?
  7. Could you explain why you were present at the Inquest on 26 February 2014?
  8. Could you explain whether you were in contact with The Daily Mail in connection with the Inquest on 26 February 2014?

Alas, instead of either confirming or denying these, Boddington refused to answer and issued yet another threat — against the victims of a stalker and victims of vigilante witch hunt organized by her.


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