False accusation cases 35: Michael Isherwood

Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 14.59.07

Girl’s false claim led to suicide. Shortly before he died, Michael Isherwood left a handwritten note for his sister: “Mud sticks. No coming back from these allegations.” Isherwood, 51, an inspecting engineer at Vauxhall on Merseyside, had been accused by a 16-year-old girl of secretly filming her on his phone. Devastated, Isherwood first tried to kill himself with an overdose of paracetamol. Sue Isherwood, 47, his sister, said that when she asked the police how such an investigation could be launched based on so little, she was told, ‘It happens all the time’. ‘When they said they had found no evidence on Michael’s phone, I asked whether they would prosecute the girl who had made the false allegation, and they just said no,’ she said.”

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