False accusations are harmless, so they say

So they say.

However, those who make false accusations are often severely mentally disturbed — typically BPD, which has a very high prevalence rate of suicide (three examples below: de Freitas, Stubbs and Coursier).

And those who are victims of false accusations always have their lives torn to pieces and sometimes decide to end their lives in despair. I list ten deaths:

  • Jay Cheshire: dead.
  • Karin Cheshire: dead.
  • Sally Clark: dead.
  • Michael Isherwood: dead.
  • Sheila Griffin: dead.
  • Eleanor de Freitas: dead.
  • Charlotte Coursier: dead.
  • Hannah Stubbs: dead.
  • Ross Bullock: dead.
  • Carl Sargeant: dead.

I have no doubt that this is the tip of a very large iceberg to which almost no one pays attention.