“Just go ahead and lie”: Jennifer Saul’s Lying and Harassment of The Innocent

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[This is part of the series “Responding to Nutters”, to which I direct loons who crawl from beneath rocks making false accusations.]

Professor Jennifer Saul is a militant feminist at The University of Sheffield and runs an online misandrist hate blog called “Feminist Philosophers”. This blog distributes bizarre conspiracy theories, smears, abuse and hatred of men. It organizes witch hunts against men, their families, even children: namely, us.

Despite knowing full well that we were victims of a violent stalker, they helped run a vigilante witch hunt that drove a terrified family out of their home. This is one of the most hateful, sexist misandrist blogs to be found in the internet.

Jennifer Saul’s method can be described in her own words, as this 2012 article excusing lying (in the philosophy journal Analysis) makes clear:

Just go ahead and lie

That’s it: just go ahead and lie. As if lying about the target doesn’t destroy their life. What a morally appalling excuse for a human being Saul is.

Over the last seven years or so, this advocate of lying has promoted and implemented:

Saul is a libeller and liar.

(Saul’s friend Richard Pettigrew actually does blacklist me, as per Saul’s requirement to ostracize innocent victims of rape and stalking.)

I next turn to specific lies, defamation and harassment of me and my family by this dishonest feminist. During 2013-2014, this vigilante zealot helped organize a vigilante witch hunt against victims of a rapist, stalker and psychopath, Charlotte Coursier: Coursier was a rapist, stalker, manipulative liar and psychopath with a police record. We were victims of this violent BPD psychopath and domestic abuser for years.

I list four examples of Saul’s lying, libel and harassment of innocent victims of a violent stalker:

  • October 2013: In October 2013, Jennifer Saul posted an anonymous blogpost on her slander-blog “What is it like to a woman in philosophy?”; a blogpost that libelled me with utterly disgusting fabrications and lies. The blogpost was then reported to me by a graduate student who had seen it and had seen it being discussed on social media, and then by the Oxford Philosophy Faculty Graduate Director, Professor Arntzenius. But Saul deleted the fabrications she published before I could see it. Apparently, this fabricated lying accused me of being a “blackmailer” and a “sexual harasser”. No evidence exists to substantiate this fabrication. Saul published completely fabricated misandrist libel on social media, without requesting any evidence, behind someone’s back and without contacting the person (in effect, her colleague) to check the facts. I don’t know who authored this fabrication but I do know that Saul published it without bothering to require any evidence or to check with the victim of her libel.
  • February 2014: On 27 February 2014, having helped run a vigilante campaign of lying, harassment, abuse, intimidation and drive a terrified family out of their home, the liar and vigilante Saul libelled me with the following filth:
    • Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 00.11.41
    • No evidence exists anywhere to substantiate this libellous, lying fabrication. I was the victim of a violent stalker.
  • March 2014: On 5 March 2014, this liar Jennifer Saul published an “Open Letter”, of defamatory lies and demands for punishment, authored by feminist vigilante harassers: examples:
  • The mob of vigilantes, defamers and harassers succeeded in having me fired.
  • Through March – July 2014, I appealed against this witch hunting abuse and proved this to be fabricated lies. I was then reinstated. These lies and fabrications are based on no evidence and are directly contradicted by all the evidence: eyewitnesses, documentary evidence and emails. Coursier was a malicious liar and a stalker, who assaulted, harassed and stalked me and who also stalked my wife and son. In Oxford, where she was being treated for suicidal behaviour at the Warneford Psychiatric Hospitial, she was manipulated by reckless feminist zealots, Berndtson and Holsomback, who ignored welfare warnings about Coursier’s serious mental instability and background. Her boyfriend dumped her on 10 June 2013; she threatened suicide, which he ignored; she committed suicide a few hours after he dumped her, in the same house as Brooke Berndston. Saul conceals all of these facts about Coursier’s lethal encounter with Oxford feminists because she is a liar.
  • September 2014:  After I was reinstated, I described the Oxford Lynch Mob’s abuse, lying, harassment and intimidation of an innocent family on the M-Phi blog which I had created in 2010. That simple description of a smear campaign of lies, harassment and abuse was forcibly removed by feminists, who cannot permit anything to question their ideology, and who engaged in further lying and abuse on social media at the “Feminist Philosophers” blog. They are liars and harassers. But it is now reprinted, with a large amount of evidence related to these abusers and liars here: The Oxford Lynch Mob, Redux.