The Alliance Between Conservatives and Radical Feminism

The following are three facts:

  • Conservatives hate MRAs.
  • Conservatives are aligned with the radical feminists.
  • Conservatives and radical feminists overlap strongly in their beliefs 
The first is obvious. As proof of the second, simply read Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Spectator, The Critic, Quillette, Spiked and so on. Every day, this media is filled with radical feminist propagandaRadical feminism arose from mostly pseudo-Marxist militants around 1970. One these was one Erin Pizzey, who is still extremely left-wing (she supports BLM, for example). She was driven out by conservative feminists because she contradicted the conservative narrative that women are not violent. And immediately, all their radical man-hating policies were implemented by conservative governments, who have been in power for 30 years out the last 43 years. Conservatives will not accept that women are violent.  For conservatives, especially the white knights, and radical feminists believe the same things: women are helpless; men are evil demons; moral panic & hysteria about non-existent “crime”; “keep women safe!”; violence is ok or forgiven if a woman does it; let’s get rid of due process; lock ’em up – this means countless innocent men.
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