False accusation cases 8: Jeffrey Ketland (Oxford)

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1. My reinstatement, in August 2014, after a year of false accusations, vigilante harassment and witch hunting in Oxford is described here in The Sunday Times. (Since it is behind a paywall, I copy it below.)

2. The witch hunt was ignited with anonymous defamation, lies and smears from an American political activist graduate student Brooke Berndtson. (Someone I’ve never met, or seen, or had ever heard of.)

3. This was along with months of defamation and smears about me, from June 2013 onwards, in secret (I had never heard of her until February 2014), from her academic supervisor, conspiracy theorist Dr Paula Boddington. (Also someone I’ve never met, or seen, or even had ever heard of.) The blog of the defaming, smearing vigilante Dr Boddington (now deleted) is archived here.

4. My reporting being fired, in March 2014, is here, at Professor Brian Leiter’s academic philosophy blog. This was three weeks after the unhinged vigilantes drove us from our home.

5. Turning to the manipulative liar, stalker and abuser herself: the sexual harassment, violence and long-term stalking I was subjected to from Charlotte Coursier during 2010 – 2013 is described here. A shorter timeline of the stalking is here. Her sexual assaults of me are described here.

6. This is a talk I gave — about being assaulted, threatened, harassed, stalked and lied about by Coursier; and then being witch hunted by feminist vigilante zealots — at the International Conference on Men’s Issues in July 2018:

7. This is an interview I gave to Honey Badgers radio at that conference:

8. Charlotte Coursier was a stalker, domestic abuser and a liar.

9. Here is a short indication of my attempts from January 2011 to May 2013 to tell my stalker to leave me alone:

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10. The twelve month long frenzied witch hunt, lying, harassment and mobbing against me during 2013-14 is described here  and here.

11. The libel and misconduct of the false accuser and feminist vigilante Dr Paula Boddington is described here.

12. A 3-page account of this witch hunt, based on the actual evidence and not delusional fabrications, has appeared in Janice Fiamengo’s 2018 book “Sons of Feminism”.

13. The subsequent blacklisting I’ve been subjected to is described here and here.

14. I’m occasionally still subjected to abuse and cyber-stalking from a couple of unhinged loons. My response to these lunatics is here.

15. Multiple witch hunts and against several others in the academic philosophy profession by militant feminist vigilantes are described in an article “An Academic Crucible, Part I“. This was originally at the New English Review, who were then threatened by the smearing vigilante Dr Paula Boddington and who gave in to her threats and unpublished an entirely factual account of several academic mobbings. It was then republished as “Feminist Witch Hunts in Academic Philosophy” at The Agonist, here.

Sunday Times story, August 2014 (it contains a couple of errors; the major one being that it says I was “suspended”; but I was actually fired and left penniless and homeless; and then reinstated).

“AN OXFORD University philosopher who was suspended after the suicide of a female student with whom he had an affair has won his job back. The university confirmed this weekend that Jeffrey Ketland’s appeal against his suspension in March had been upheld. Ketland, 50, a philosophy lecturer at Pembroke College, said he was “scapegoated” by the university over the death of Charlotte Coursier, 25, and added that the case had affected his health and caused huge problems for his family. He had suffered severe trauma and an internet campaign of intimidation, he said. The philosopher now fears he will face a backlash from supporters of Coursier, who took her life in June last year.

Ketland claims that evidence given at her inquest in February by Coursier’s boyfriend, Ben Fardell, was used to implicate him unfairly. Fardell said Ketland sent Coursier “crazy and rambling accusations” and that when the academic had met her some years earlier at Edinburgh University he acted unprofessionally “and made an already fragile and vulnerable girl 100 times worse”. Ketland said he and his wife were “very frightened by what happened at the inquest” and were advised to stay away from the hearing for their own safety. They left Oxford and headed to Edinburgh. Before the drive north he received anonymous messages saying “Jeffrey Ketland — murderer”.

In June Darren Salter, Oxfordshire’s senior coroner, wrote to Ketland that it was “regrettable” that the press had focused on witness statements by Fardell and one of Coursier’s friends alleging that Ketland had harassed her. Salter said it was “clear from the evidence that Miss Coursier had previous mental health problems and had suffered from depression, [including] suicide attempts by overdose. She also had suicidal thoughts in 2012, according to her GP.” Ketland first met Coursier in 2008 when he was working at Edinburgh University and she was an undergraduate. They developed an intense, platonic relationship. In February 2009 she overdosed on paracetamol and he took her to A&E. The next month she sent him a birthday card saying: “Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for you. You have been a wonderful friend.”

In a written statement Ketland’s wife, Blanca Fuentes, said family life was disrupted by Coursier’s “uncountable number of suicide threats, virtually on a daily basis”. She added in a letter sent last week to the master of Pembroke College: “The memories I have from 2009 and 2010 have the quality of nightmares.” In autumn 2010 Ketland moved out of the family home and started an affair with Coursier. It ended after a few weeks when he called police, saying she had assaulted him. In November 2011 he applied for a job at Oxford University; Coursier subsequently applied to study there. He said he was so concerned she was stalking him that he became ill and needed treatment for stress.

In the last 11 months of her life Coursier went out with Fardell who told the inquest that the “relationship suffered numerous crises”. She fell pregnant and never got over her decision to abort the child, describing it as “murder”. On June 10 Fardell told her he was leaving her and she threatened to kill herself. She texted and phoned him repeatedly but by the time he rang her back at 3.21pm it was too late.

Salter stated in the letter to Ketland: “The main factor in Miss Coursier’s death appeared to be her break-up with Mr Fardell.” He confirmed that police gave Ketland a harassment warning on May 22 but said there was no further contact between them and “Miss Coursier believed the situation with [Ketland] had been remedied”. He also confirmed that Ketland tried to alert the police to his fears for her wellbeing.

The university confirmed that Ketland’s appeal had been upheld and said it had acted with care and in good faith throughout.”

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