Throwing a stalking victim to a mob

During June 2013 to Sept 2013, Oxford philosophy graduate student and militant feminist zealot Brooke Berndtson, who was directly involved in destroying Charlotte Coursier’s life, raised a lynch mob against me, with slanderous fabricated lies, aided by her academic supervisor Paula Boddington, a corrupt Oxford feminist activist.

Berndtson cyber-harassed me repeatedly calling me a “murderer” and she did so online (e.g., on Twitter and elsewhere). She recruited a mob of a large number of militant activists, who demanded I be punished — based on no evidence. Some records of this are here, here and here. Meanwhile Boddington distributed smears and lies about me, all behind my back. They recruited OUSU activists and also Jennifer Saul, a corrupt feminist zealot, who published completely fabricated libel about me on her blog in October 2013 (she removed it a few days later) and who later distributed grotesque libel about me and distributed a slanderous and defamatory “Open Letter”.

21 November 2013 is shortly after Christopher Shields wrote to the Registrar of the University of Oxford demanding that I be terminated from my job. He is corrupt. Shields had, a month earlier, been asked to “investigate”. He did no such thing. He ignored all the evidence he was shown. He ignored all the advice he was given: he was repeatedly told that Coursier was the aggressor, that she had sexually assaulted me and stalked me, and I was the victim and he was shown the evidence, which he ignored. He ignored repeated contact from an eyewitness who knew exactly what had happened (I have the records).

Instead he demanded my termination, as he put it to others, “as quickly as possible”.

I attach a screenshot of an email from Professor Frank Arntzenius (formerly Philosophy Faculty Graduate Director at Oxford, who helped organize the cover-up and helped enable the lynch mob against me), admitting to organizing a meeting to inform the students that I was being “investigated”. This was to assure the student mob that I was going to be terminated. A few months earlier, on 11 June 2013, Professor Arntzenius had admitted to me, “we completely screwed up“, when he realised that Coursier had been extremely unstable and that her extreme behaviour (including her prior suicide attempts and her years-long campaign of stalking against me and my wife) had been ignored and that welfare notifications had been ignored. Later he covered all this up, to protect himself and his friends.

After November 2013, Christopher Shields:

  • covered up all the relevant facts, including extremely serious welfare neglect — namely that welfare notifications about Charlotte Coursier had been given to the Philosophy Faculty and these had been ignored (I have records of these too)
  • perjured himself concerning the conduct of the Graduate Teaching Co-Ordinator who was informed that Coursier could be a suicide risk, but ignored it.
  • did everything in his power to be have me publicly lynched and vilified.

Screenshot 2019-04-08 at 15.46.52

There is, in fact, far more that what is stated above. For example, on 22 February 2014, I was again cyber-harassed by Brooke Berndtson, calling me a “murderer”. We reported the behaviour of this psychopathic stalker to the police, who advised us that we would be safer if we left town. We did leave, on 26 February, since we were being subjected to harassment, slander, lying and intimidation from the mob recruited by Berndtson and Boddington.

We were harassed from our home in Oxford, and subjected to grotesquely fabricated libel, originating from Brooke Berndtson: a psychopath. My wife and 4 year old son were terrified by this harassment. My wife complained to the university about the harassment, abuse and libel, and I complained to Professor Arntzenius about the harassment and libel. Arntzenius passed this to the Shields who, instead of showing sympathy for victims of grotesque vigilante harassment, then used our complaints about being harassed from our home to make further false accusations about me to Human Resources.

Shields succeeded in having me terminated one week later.

However, I was reinstated four months later. This was a vigilante mobbing campaign of violent, aggressive, fabricated, hysterical libel, directed against the victims of a rapist, predator, liar & stalker, Charlotte Coursier. And it was Shields who was the person who threw me to this unhinged mob, to cover up welfare failings leading to a student death.

Shields is utterly corrupt and lacking in basic moral scruples. The Master of Pembroke College called Shields a “spineless coward”.

In April 2014, having succeeded in throwing me to the mob, having me publicly lynched and vilified with fabrications, and having perjured himself a few weeks earlier, Shields left Oxford for the US.


Being stalked

Posts about being stalked (some of these are related to my stalker, the liar, rapist and predator Charlotte Coursier):

Feminist silencing of others

It is critical to feminist propaganda & activism that any differing opinion be silenced, and the offending thought criminal be punished, threatened, blacklisted, etc. I first repeat my most recent experience, and then list a few others. It is not a coincidence that these are often driven within the academic philosophy profession: it is ground zero for militant feminist zealotry, defamation & harassment campaigns and mobbing activism.


1. “Feminist silencing of free speech“. An essay I wrote “The Academic Crucible“, which was published in The New English Review, in Sept 2019 (after careful editing and checking by two editors), was removed after threats from libellous feminist activist, Dr Paula Boddington: a person whose campaign of lies, defamation and smears against me are documented here (the defamatory charlatan even accused me of travelling in time, a ridiculous fabrication, on the basis of exactly no evidence; and refused to back down when publicly corrected by an eyewitness, Prof Catarina Dutilh Novaes, who was present and knew the facts). A revised version of that essay was republished in January 2019, in The Agonist. Unsurprisingly, the defamatory feminist zealot demanded again that it be removed. And quite properly, the threats from this defamatory zealot were ignored.

2. Brian Leiter: The story from 2014, concerning Prof Brian Leiter and the attempts by juvenile militant feminists, Prof Carrie Jenkins and Prof Jonathan Ichikawa, to defame, punish and silence him are outlined in my essay here and also at his own Leiter Reports blog here.

3. Rebecca Tuvel: In April 2017, Prof Rebecca Tuvel, an assistant professor of philosophy in Memphis published an essay “In Defense of Transracialism”, in Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy. 32(2): 263–278. This led to a concerted attack on Prof Tuvel by a group of feminist activists on social media, who defamed her and demanded the essay be retracted. As per usual, it involved a defamatory open letter, and vitriolic defamation against her and her character. See here or here or here.

4. Laura Kipnis: Prof Kipnis is a cultural critic and professor of media at Northwestern University. In February 2015, she published an essay in The Chronicle of Higher Education discussing “sexual paranoia” on campus. Though she did not name specific individuals and made only the tiniest and most anodyne comments concerning Prof Peter Ludlow and two students who had accused him of sexual harassment, student activists at Northwestern then tried to have her silenced and fired, by making a fake Title IX complaint of “Retaliation” against her, which was, of course, rejected by Northwestern. In Spring 2017, Professor Kipnis published her book Unwanted Advances, which described her own victimization under Title IX system (the UK has an exact equivalent, but it is kept secret: I have experienced its utterly ruthless brutality directly) as well as the termination hearings connected to Prof Peter Ludlow (he resigned in late 2015). This publication led to further attempts to silence her, accusing her now of “defamation”. I describe some of the details of this story (including the probably unfounded sexual harassment allegations against Prof Peter Ludlow), from its beginning in Feb 2015, to the most recent news (which apparently involved an undisclosed settlement), here.

5. Theodore P. Hill: Prof Hill is a mathematics professor emeritus at Georgia Tech. In mid 2017, a paper he co-authored was accepted for publication in The Mathematical Intelligencer journal. This essay discussed a mathematical model of what is known in evolutionary biology as Bateman’s Principle (that hypothesis there is greater trait variance in males as compared with females). However, despite its acceptance for publication, it was rescinded under intense political pressure, behind the scenes, from activists. Then, after its retraction, Prof Hill was contacted by an editor of The New York Journal of Mathematics, who suggested the paper might be published there, if a referee report recommended it. Prof Hill rewrote the paper, now as single author, and the paper was duly referred, accepted, and published online, on 6 Nov, 2017. But “three days later, however, the paper had vanished”. Prof Hill’s description of the events, political pressure and machinations, is here (Quillette).

6. Holly Lawford-Smith: Prof Lawford-Smith is a “gender-critical feminist”—that is a feminist who does not accept the idea that a transgender person who identifies as a woman, is therefore a woman; or who identifies as a man, is therefore a man. She was interviewed by Richard Marshall at 3AM Magazine, and her interview published a few days ago:

My stance is that a person can’t change sex (not even with sex reassignment surgery), that ‘gender identity’ has no bearing on sex, and that with very few exceptions gender identity should have no bearing on a person’s sex-based rights

This is a perfectly sensible and reasonable view.

However, these entirely reasonable views immediately led to protests from the feminist “social justice” outrage mob. In response, 3AM removed her interview. In protest at the mistreatment, Richard Marshall resigned from the 3AM website. Details here. Apparently, the website is now “offline”.

Screenshot 2019-03-22 at 08.30.39

Philosophical Misconduct Blog

I notice the existence of the Philosophical Misconduct blog.

(Maybe I shouldn’t complain, but I do because of the defamation & harassment campaign I was subjected to, in Oxford 2013-2014, a campaign of fabricated libel, a complete hoax, that wrecked not only my life, but my family’s life too. I noticed the Philosophical Misconduct blog doesn’t seem to mention either the violent stalker, liar and sexual harasser Charlotte Coursier at Oxford or the vigilante false accusers and harassers there who harassed me from my job there with a campaign of intimidation and lies, calling me a “murderer”, a “sexual harasser”, an “abuser”—the most repellent libel imaginable, and all originating from a pair of unhinged zealots and false accusers: Brooke Berndtson, aided by her academic supervisor, Dr Paula Boddington.

No matter. I understand the reason: Coursier, who had been suicidal for about decade prior, tragically took her own life when her boyfriend dumped her on 10 June 2013. So people feel disinclined to get involved in discussing the truth about Coursier’s behaviour. Despite the fact I cared a great deal about this woman (particularly from 2008 to 2010), the truth about her behaviour was indeed disgusting: violence, sexual violence, detention by the police (for harassing my wife), stalking, threats, a string of ex-partners going back to 2006 traumatized by her behaviour, domestic abuse, manipulation, malicious lying, revenge and emotional blackmail (this is all characteristic of BPD). Readers can look at the objective evidence and my replies to the lunatics who smeared and harassed me (and my family too), and make up their own minds. I would merely add that I know of exactly two cases of provable sexual assault in the academic philosophy profession. Both perpetrators were women: Anna Stubblefield (Rutgers) and Charlotte Coursier (Oxford).)

Putting that aside, the blog contain many snippets of objective information, and perhaps some gossip (possibly even some malicious lies of the kind I was subjected to from my stalker and the vigilante harassers she rounded up) I missed over the years. It includes a summary here from late 2018 from some database constructed by another academic.

I’d take issue with accusations against both Prof Peter Ludlow (formerly Northwestern) and Prof Heidi Lockwood (Connecticut). First, there’s no objective evidence that Professor Ludlow, other than womanizing, has done anything wrong or broken any university rules. There is no evidence that Professor Lockwood, other than distributing likely unfounded gossip (her January 2015 affadavit), has done anything wrong or broken any rules. I notice from the blog that she has also made some claims (about groping) about Prof Richard Heck (Brown), which he has strongly denied.

The information there is quite interesting.


Five Years

26 February 2019 is exactly five years to the day (26 Feb 2014) since:

These two individuals raised a lynch mob against us, a mob that spent more than nine months smearing, abusing, libelling and harassing us (their harassment campaign was reported to the police twice). Here is a Rogues’ Gallery of the main perpetrators, including some who continue to smear, harass and blacklist me.

An essay I published on this vigilante witch hunt of defamation and harassment appeared in Prof Janice Fiamengo’s Sons of Feminism (2018). A separate essay, about multiple feminist-run witch hunts in academic philosophy, is here (in The Agonist journal, January 2019).

A July 2018 talk I gave at The 2018 International Conference on Men’s Issues in London, about the vigilante witch hunt against me is here:


An interview about this this witch hunt, with Honey Badgers Radio, is here:


Feminist silencing of free speech

[This is part of the series “Responding to Nutters”, to which I direct loons who crawl from beneath rocks making false accusations.]

My essay, “The Academic Crucible”, describing witch hunts in academic philosophy was first published in The New English Review, in September 2018.

That essay described several witch hunts conducted by militant feminists — including the horrific vigilante witch hunt of defamation and harassment against us in Oxford. It is based on documented news reports, including The Sunday Times.

But then one of militant feminist activists, who led that vigilante witch hunt in Oxford against us (I was slandered & defamed by the mob they recruited, threatened with death, and we were harassed from our home) threatened the journal itself. In response to that threat, the editors caved in and removed the essay! Voilà — gone.

Apparently, extensive journalistic investigation by The Sunday Times is not considered acceptable by militant Christians. That essay remains archived here, though.

In sum: a vigilante feminist conspiracy theorist can defame and harass an academic out of his job and home with impunity; can use her political connections with assorted Christian fundamentalists to successfully cover up documented news; and can use her connections to silence the person she defamed, harassed and witch hunted.

But the essay has now been republished here.

And, like clockwork, the defamatory vigilante issues groundless threats again:

Screenshot 2019-02-06 at 14.17.00

Time’s up. No one is going to be intimidated by these groundless threats.