Five Years

26 February 2019 is exactly five years to the day (26 Feb 2014) since:

These two individuals raised a lynch mob against us, a mob that spent more than nine months smearing, abusing, libelling and harassing us (their harassment campaign was reported to the police twice). Here is a Rogues’ Gallery of the main perpetrators, including some who continue to smear, harass and blacklist me.

An essay I published on this vigilante witch hunt of defamation and harassment appeared in Prof Janice Fiamengo’s Sons of Feminism (2018). A separate essay, about multiple feminist-run witch hunts in academic philosophy, is here (in The Agonist journal, January 2019).

A July 2018 talk I gave at The 2018 International Conference on Men’s Issues in London, about the vigilante witch hunt against me is here:


An interview about this this witch hunt, with Honey Badgers Radio, is here:



Feminist silencing of free speech

[This is part of the series “Responding to Nutters”, to which I direct loons who crawl from beneath rocks making false accusations.]

My essay, “The Academic Crucible”, describing witch hunts in academic philosophy was first published in The New English Review, in September 2018.

That essay described several witch hunts conducted by militant feminists — including the horrific vigilante witch hunt of defamation and harassment against us in Oxford. It is based on documented news reports, including The Sunday Times.

But then one of militant feminist activists, who led that vigilante witch hunt in Oxford against us (I was slandered & defamed by the mob they recruited, threatened with death, and we were harassed from our home) threatened the journal itself. In response to that threat, the editors caved in and removed the essay! Voilà — gone.

Apparently, extensive journalistic investigation by The Sunday Times is not considered acceptable by militant Christians. That essay remains archived here, though.

In sum: a vigilante feminist conspiracy theorist can defame and harass an academic out of his job and home with impunity; can use her political connections with assorted Christian fundamentalists to successfully cover up documented news; and can use her connections to silence the person she defamed, harassed and witch hunted.

But the essay has now been republished here.

And, like clockwork, the defamatory vigilante issues groundless threats again:

Screenshot 2019-02-06 at 14.17.00

Time’s up. No one is going to be intimidated by these groundless threats.


False accusers: Michelle Braithwaite

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 19.04.30

[From The Evening Standard, 12 December 2018] “Fake sex claims of fraudster who conned Brittan brother.

A conwoman who swindled author Sir Samuel Brittan out of more than £100,000 is a “cruel liar” who tried to wreck a police detective’s career with fake sex claims, the Standard can reveal. Michelle Braithwaite, 47, faces a lengthy prison sentence for plundering Sir Samuel’s savings while posing as his carer. She splashed out on holidays, designer clothes and grooming services for her dog. Sir Samuel, brother of late Tory grandee Leon Brittan, had handed Braithwaite control of his finances as he struggled with the onset of Alzheimer’s.

It can now be revealed that Braithwaite had been jailed in 2004 after false allegations against the police officer and subjecting him to two years of hell. While facing cheque fraud claims Braithwaite targeted the investigating officer — who was battling cancer at the time — and accused him of pestering her for sex, indecently assaulting her in a cell and attacking her at a train station. She maintained the lies during her trial at Winchester crown court and was jailed for three years after being convicted of perverting justice, perjury and obtaining money by deception.

But before she was exposed as a “callous, dishonest and cruel” liar, the detective was put under internal investigation and interviewed as a suspect until the CPS finally decided there was no evidence to support a prosecution. Her sentence was cut by nearly a year on appeal because of health problems. Her fraud on Sir Samuel started in August 2016 when she claimed to be a Cambridge graduate and lawyer to gain the trust of the Brittan family, offering to help Lady Brittan with her ailing brother-in-law Sir Samuel’s finances as she grieved for her late husband, Lord Brittan. Southwark crown court heard Braithwaite used Sir Samuel’s money for holidays to Gran Canaria and Malta, hotel stays and a cremation for her pet Pomeranian dog. Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith ordered psychiatric and medical assessments of Braithwaite ahead of sentencing on February 1, after she admitted three fraud charges and one of theft. Lady Brittan said her behaviour was “such a betrayal of trust.” Braithwaite was allowed to appear in court via videolink from her home in Ladbroke Grove, with her head on a pillow.”

Feminist Witch Hunts in Academic Philosophy

My essay about several feminist-run witch hunts in academic philosophy (including the vigilante witch hunt of defamation and harassment against me at Oxford in 2013/14) is now published at The Agonist.

(The history of this essay is interesting and demonstrates how feminist silencing and suppression of free speech works. I’ll return to that history another time)

That complements my 2016 essay “A Witch Hunt at Oxford”, published by Janice Fiamengo in her 2018 book Sons of Feminism, and a talk & interview I gave at The International Conference on Men’s Issues in London in July 2018.


Vigilantism and the Targeting of Children

[This is part of the series “Responding to Nutters”, to which I direct loons who crawl from beneath rocks making false accusations.]

One feature of “social justice” vigilante harassment — along with its deliberate terrorization of the innocent direct target — is its targeting of families & children. I know of several cases, including the vigilante feminist savages at Oxford who harassed us, with lies, harassment, slander, intimidation and death threats:

Social Justice Everywhere: Conspiracy Theories

Part of the series “Social Justice Everywhere”.

In several of these examples we see horse-shoe conspiracism: they combine elements of the far-left and the far-right, promoting unhinged conspiracy theories, often connected to absurd accusations of sexual abuse