The Melanie Shaw Conspiracy Theory & Dr Paula Boddington

[This is part of the series “Responding to Nutters”, to which I direct loons who crawl from beneath rocks making false accusations.]

Melanie Shaw is a seriously mentally unstable prisoner held at HMP Foston Hall, Derby. Just yesterday, a jury has found she set fire to her cell three times:

In December 2014 Shaw, then of Bonnington Crescent in Sherwood, was given a three-year community order after being convicted of starting a shed fire and throwing paint on a Sherwood family’s home.

She was found guilty of arson being reckless as to whether life was endangered, and damaging property.

Why do I mention this unstable woman? The reasons are:

Dr Boddington — a temporary academic at Oxford and Establishment feminist, along with her unhinged Oxford BPhil student Brooke Berndtson — ran a smear, witch hunting, defamation and vigilante campaign against me in Oxford during 2013-14. Not one single piece of evidence exists to support their demented and unhinged lies. This campaign of lies, defamation, smears and fabrications ruined our lives. These vigilantes are savages: they even drove us our of our home with cyber-harassment and intimidation. Eventually, I was reinstated. But the horrific damage done by these foul, lying, vigilantes was huge.

Dr Boddington’s taking up the case of Melanie Shaw can be found here, at her long since deleted blog (which she is no doubt ashamed of). See also here. As the conspiracy theorist Dr Boddington puts it in her blog reproduced there,

I have been writing to Melanie, and have had several letters back”.

Indeed. However, Melanie Shaw is a mentally unstable fantasist, false accuser and convicted arsonist.

And, as with all abusers, there’s a pattern. Notice the pattern here:

  • Dr Paula Boddington makes excuses for a violent mentally unstable false accuser and arsonist: Melanie Shaw.  And gets involved by “writing to Melanie” and writing uninformed blogposts about the matter.
  • Dr Paula Boddington excuses a psychopathic violent stalker harasser and liar Charlotte Coursier. And got involved by running a smear and harassment campaign against innocent victims of this stalker.

Dr Paula Boddington is a conspiracy theorist and vigilante.


John Lennon’s 1965 Epiphone Casino

In Spring 1966, John Lennon acquired a 1965 Epiphone Casino guitar and this became his favourite guitar for the next four years. The guitar was originally a “sunburst”, as can be seen from the “Paperback Writer” video. But he later had it repainted white. He used it during the recordings of Revolver, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club, The Beatles (White Album), Abbey Road, Let it Be, for promotional videos, and for early solo performances.

Here are some photos:

1966 promotional video for “Paperback Writer

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 00.25.46

1968 live performance of “Yer Blues“, with Keith Richards and Eric Clapton

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 00.28.43

1968 promotional video for “Revolution

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 00.29.38

1968 video for “Hey Jude

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 00.32.03

1969 Rooftop live performance with The Beatles, “Don’t Let Me Down

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 00.30.04

First live solo performance: John Lennon & Plastic Ono Band, Toronto 1969.

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 00.33.35

False accusers: Leyla Ibrahim

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 19.04.30

[From The Independent 15 July 2010]  “‘Wicked’ woman jailed over false rape claim.

An “irresponsible and wicked” woman was jailed for three years today after she slashed her body, hair and clothing to convince police she was the victim of a serious sexual assault.

A judge told Leyla Ibrahim, 22, she was dishonest from “first to last” as her false claim sparked a major police investigation and led to the arrest of four innocent men. Her allegation that she was attacked while walking home alone at night led to the suspects being held in custody for more than 60 hours. One man described his ordeal in detention as “torture” while another attempted self harm, Carlisle Crown Court heard.

Petrol station attendant Ibrahim, of Carlisle, Cumbria, wanted to teach her friends a lesson in January last year after they were said to have refused to give her a lift home. She told detectives she had been knocked to the ground on a footpath and sexually assaulted by two youths. Photofits were placed around the city of Carlisle as a team of detectives were deployed for the large-scale manhunt which cost more than £150,000.

The four suspects were arrested but then doubts emerged about Ibrahim’s account when a pair of scissors carrying only fibres of her own clothing were found near to the scene of the so-called attack. Two months after reporting the incident she was arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice and later charged with the offence.

Ibrahim, who is seven months’ pregnant, was then convicted by a jury last month following a 10-day trial. Sentencing today, Judge Paul Batty QC said:

“This is a serious offence. It damages the administration of justice in an extremely sensitive area. Every false allegation of rape or serious sexual assault increases the plight of those women who have been the victim of such a dreadful crime and makes it harder to prove where a crime really has taken place. Your behaviour throughout these proceedings has been irresponsible in the extreme and many would say wicked. You diverted the scant resources of police who looked for the supposed attackers.”

He added that “if that was not bad enough” it also led to the arrest of four innocent men. “They were kept in custody for more than 60 hours and were subjected to extremely distressing examinations of their genitalia,” he said.

“One was so upset he attempted self harm. You persisted in your dishonest conduct from first to last. You still maintain you were the victim of this serious crime.”

The judge said Ibrahim was even given the chance to retract her statement by police who said she needed help and that she convinced a doctor with 20 years of experience in the field that she had suffered extreme pain.

“You went to great lengths to make out an attack had taken place,” he continued. “You tore up your clothing, and cut your own body with a pair of scissors. You feigned illness and injury. When internally examined there was nothing wrong with you. It is entirely clear in this case you craved attention and you wanted your friends who had left you that night to know you were the subject of a serious sex attack. You wanted to teach them a lesson. You are extremely immature.”

Ibrahim, of Deerpark Road, will serve half her sentence in custody before she is released on licence for the remaining period. Tim Evans, prosecuting, said one of the individuals arrested described his period in custody as “torture” and that he was “devastated” at being linked to the supposed crime.

“Another said the taking of samples was horrible and that people were spreading rumours on his release that he was a rapist,” he said. A bout of depression and self-harm was triggered in a third man during his time in detention, Mr Evans said.

Hilary Manley, defending, said:

“There is very little I can say given her comments to the author of the pre-sentence report. She maintains her innocence. I have to accept the suffering of the four males arrested who were fortunately released. I also accept the impact on the police and society on these sort of offences. All I can say was that no actual male was named or deliberately identified but that would be of scant comfort to the four individuals who were kept in custody for some time.”

She said the defendant had no psychological background and showed no personality issues prior to January last year. She had been apparently leading an exemplary life in work with no issues with drugs or excess alcohol – although the trial heard evidence she had been binge drinking on the night of her false claim.

Miss Manley said the defendant, supported by her family in court, was due to give birth on September 12 and wanted her child to stay with her in custody. Judge Batty praised detectives in the inquiry for their thoroughness in dealing with the “extremely sensitive and delicate case” and said the lead officer and interviewing officer should be commended. Following sentencing, the officer in charge of the investigation, Detective Superintendent Cath Thundercloud, said:

“When this young woman reported to police that she had been sexually assaulted, we took her seriously. We conducted a large-scale and complex investigation with dedicated teams of detectives working long hours to gather forensic evidence, manage crime scenes and question suspects and witnesses. It was only when we began to uncover evidence to suggest that the incident had not taken place that we began following those lines of inquiry. As the senior investigating officer I had to think long and hard about progressing this prosecution. I was concerned that it may deter genuine victims from coming forward. We have a duty to present our findings before a judge and jury so that they can ensure that justice is done and this was a rare example where the evidence gathered pointed to the rape not having occurred. The most important thing to me now is to ensure that victims of sex assaults continue to call police immediately. You will be taken seriously. You will be supported and we will investigate thoroughly.”

Linda Vance, District Crown Prosecutor for Cumbria, said:

“This sort of case, where someone fabricates an allegation of sexual assault and continues with that false allegation, is very rare. But as in this case, the consequences can be very serious. Not only was this false allegation very worrying for the local community who feared there were two attackers still at large in the area, they also resulted in the arrest of four innocent men. Perverting the course of justice in this way is a serious matter as it undermines the whole basis of our justice system. This case should not in any way deter victims of rape or sexual assault from coming forward. If you have been the victim of sexual assault you will be taken seriously and you will be believed and supported. We have been working very closely with the police and voluntary organisations to continue to improve how we deal with sexual offence cases as well as how we support victims in bringing cases to court. And as a result in the last year we have seen an increase in the number of convictions for these offences. We will continue to do all we can to provide the best service possible to victims of sexual violence.”

False accusers: Leanne Black

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 19.04.30

[From The Daily Telegraph 9 July 2013] “Woman who made a string of false rape allegations is jailed.

A woman who made a string of false rape allegations against former partners has been jailed for two years. Leanne Black, 32, repeatedly claimed she had been attacked after rowing or breaking up with boyfriends over an eight year period, Newport Crown Court heard. In one case, Black, of Cwmbran, South Wales, told police she had been drugged and repeatedly raped. On another occasion she said she had been kidnapped and molested by a partner. Between 2005 and 2010 she made four allegations of rape to police but none of the cases reached court.

She was only arrested in March this year when she told police she had been raped by her boyfriend Kevin Crowley while she was sleeping. Officers had been called to the couple’s flat by Mr Crowley after Black had thrown plates at him. He was arrested on suspicion of rape and detained at a police station where he was examined but Black later admitted she had made it up. David Wooler, prosecuting, said: “It was the most recent in a number of repeated false rape allegations against men since 2005.” The court heard that in June 2005, she made a rape allegation but the case did not proceed. Police took no further action because of conflicting evidence. Then in July 2006, she accused her then partner of raping her twice but later admitted that she had made it up and the case was dropped.

In February 2009, she claimed she had been the victim of a serious sexual assault but later when she was spoken to by officers, she could not confirm anything had happened. Then, in 2010, Black contacted police to say she had been drugged and raped by a boyfriend over a two-week period. Officers investigated and her partner at the time was arrested however the case was dropped when police discovered she was still in touch with him and he had recently thrown her out of his home. Following the most recent allegation, Mr Crowley was released on bail while police continued their investigations however Black then telephoned officers to admit she had made it up. She confirmed this in a subsequent police interview.

Her partners would have been jailed for up to five years if they had been found guilty of rape, the court was told. Black admitted perverting the course of justice against Mr Crowley. Jailing her, Judge William Gaskell said:

“Police have to take all allegations of rape very seriously. Rape, when it happens, has a devastating effect for victims and causes great trauma. Many women never get over it. Women who make false allegations like you undermine the whole system and police investigations. It undermines the public’s belief in the truth when allegations are truthfully made.”

Gareth Driscoll, for Black, said she had entered an early guilty plea and had made a full and frank admission of the facts in a recorded interview. After the hearing, Inspector Rory Waring of Gwent Police, said the sentence should “serve as a warning to anyone thinking of making false allegations of rape”. “As well as causing distress to innocent people accused of this terrible crime, cases like this distract officers from supporting real victims and prosecuting real offenders,” he added. “Those who have suffered from genuine offences are also undermined”.”

False accusers: Emma Blunden

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 19.04.30

[From The Daily Mail 17 Jan 2011] “‘Cry rape’ woman, 21, jailed for two years for false claims against four men.

A woman was jailed for two years today after being exposed as a serial liar who repeatedly made up stories that she had been raped. Emma Blunden, 21, from Reading, Berkshire, was sentenced at Reading Crown Court after been convicted of two counts of perverting the course of justice at the same court in December.

The court heard that a total of four men were arrested over both allegations, but all were freed without charge. Blunden’s lies began on July 26, 2008, when she reported to police that she had been raped by  James Mabey, 26, in a hostel where she was living in Newbury. Police then arrested Mr Mabey who was questioned for 17 hours before police realised he was innocent and released him. The judge was also told about how Blunden boasted about having sex with Mr Mabey and sent him a text message to apologise for getting him arrested. She was then arrested herself and interviewed about her false allegations but released so that police could investigate further.

While out on bail she went to a party and flirted with a man before letting three men have sex with her in a communal bathroom, one after another. She then left the party and dialled 999 to say that her train fare money had been stolen before saying she had been gang raped by three men – Shane Roberts, 23, Craig Pilime and Colin McDonagh, both 21. They were all taken in to custody and were needlessly questioned for up to 13 hours each, before they were released without charge.

Sentencing her Judge John Reddihough said:

‘False allegations of rape were made which saw a number of men kept in custody for many hours. The first incident was a misguided attempt to win back a former boyfriend. The second saw three men spend from 11 and a half to 13 hours in custody over allegations made against them. Perhaps you were ashamed of your own sexual conduct to these men. I take into account no previous convictions, your age, maturity and the pre-sentence report but on two occasions you made false allegations and only a custodial sentence is appropriate in your case.’

Blunden was handed two consecutive 12 month prison sentences for perverting the course of justice and was told she would face a minimum of one year in prison. Detective Sergeant Elton Evans, from Thames Valley Police, said:

‘As a result of Blunden’s allegations the men were arrested and had to go through some intimate forensic checks. We take every single report of rape very seriously. Each report is dealt with by detectives and other specialist officers who conduct a full investigation at great public expense. The investigation of any false or malicious allegation diverts valuable resources away from genuine crimes with genuine victims. We will take action against anyone who reports a false crime and wastes police time.’

Defending Blunden Nicholas Doherty said that she needed help to ‘amend her personality defects of depression and insecurities’.”

False accusers: Kate Woodhead

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 19.04.30

[From BBC,  2 Nov 2010] “False rape accusation ‘destroyed life’ of Surrey man.

A man who was falsely accused of rape by his ex-girlfriend has said it will take years to rebuild his life. Paul Joseph said Kate Woodhead, 31, who was jailed for three years on Monday, left him with nothing when she accused him of rape at their home in Surrey. He lost his job as an IT consultant, his home and his collection of cars.

“For me, it is as if someone’s house burned down and everything they owned was in it. That is effectively what happened to me,”

he said. Guildford Crown Court heard Woodhead told police Mr Joseph, 39, had drugged her before attacking her at their home near Wisley. She then stole property worth about £23,500, including an expensive stereo and art prints, and transferred ownership of his sports car and motorcycle to her own name. Mr Joseph said she had also transferred to her name the £4,000-a-month rented home.

“I walked out of the house wearing my suit when I was arrested and I never saw anything again apart from one briefcase and a work laptop,”

he said. The rape investigation was dropped when officers became suspicious that Woodhead had made it up and she was charged, but by this time Mr Joseph had lost his job. Woodhead denied charges of perverting the course of justice, theft and fraud but was found guilty by a jury. Mr Joseph said the period after his arrest was difficult mentally. He felt isolated because his former work colleagues knew of the accusations and he was worried about the outcome.

“I think three years is a good sentence but for me it is never going to be enough,” said Mr Joseph, who now has another job and has moved to Kent. It is done – it is over and I am trying to work as hard as I can to get back to where I was. It is going to take a number of years, but that is pretty much all I can do.”

False accusers: Sophie Skinner

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 19.04.30

[From The Daily Mail] Mother of three, 25, who falsely claimed 18-year-old raped her in public toilets even though she ‘desperately’ pleaded for sex is jailed for 18 months

  • Sophie Skinner, 25, accused teenager of raping her in Abergavenny, South Wales
  • Skinner lured him into public toilets after meeting him in a Weatherspoons pub 
  • Judge told her: ‘CCTV couldn’t have been more clear – you initiated sex with him’

A mother-of-three has been jailed for falsely accusing a teenage boy of rape after she lured him into public toilets for sex. Sophie Skinner, 25, was sentenced to 18 months after being found guilty of perverting the course of justice. Skinner was ‘desperately’ looking for a sexual encounter during a night out in a Wetherspoons in June 2016, Newport Crown Court heard. She propositioned Damion Osborne, who was 18 at the time, for sex in public toilets outside the pub in Abergavenny, South Wales. Mr Osborne refused because he had a girlfriend but gave in to Skinner’s sexual demands.

Skinner later told Wetherspoons door staff she’d been raped. Mr Osborne was arrested, spent 17 hours in a police cell and had to go through an ’embarrassing’ medical examination. Newport Crown Court heard he was saved by the local council’s CCTV system which caught Skinner preying on her young victim. The unmarried mother was found guilty of perverting the course of justice at a trial last month and and was today jailed for 18 months

Judge Daniel Williams told her:

‘You engaged with Damon Osborne, who you knew through Facebook, in the pub and later saw him waiting for a lift home. He was 18 and you were 23 at the time. You ran over, hugged him and asked of he wanted to have sex with you in the public toilets. The CCTV footage should not have been more clear- you initiated sex with him.’

The court heard Skinner, who has three children under five, was ‘desperately seeking attention’ while out on her own in Abergavenny on the night of 4 June 2016. She told Mr Osborne she could ‘get him into trouble’ after they had sex and he thought she was going to tell his girlfriend. Instead police were called to the pub and he was arrested for alleged rape. The court heard Mr Osborne lost his job and reputation while out on bail during the police investigation into Skinner’s false claims.

Skinner, dressed in a silver and grey top and grey jeans, showed no emotion but her relatives were heard sobbing in the public gallery. Judge Williams said:

‘Mr Osborne believes that if there had been no CCTV in this case Sophie Skinner may have been believed and he would have spent years in prison. False allegation of rape can have dreadful consequences on an innocent man. Not just that but false allegations can have an insidious effect on genuine rape victim.’

The court heard ‘vulnerable’ Skinner, who was taken into care as a child, continued to protest her innocence. Judge Williams told her:

‘You maintain that you deny the allegations and have shown no remorse or victim empathy. I bear in mind your difficult past but this case it too serious to be dealt with by anything other than a prison sentence.’